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Problems often encountered by enterprise websites



Many enterprises have made website diagnosis, most of which are good in terms of aesthetics and functions, but there are many problems in terms of code analysis, but we also see that there are a lot of websites with some "low-level" errors, which greatly reduce the image of enterprises, so this paper lists them, hoping that enterprise users At least don't make these mistakes before you think about promoting your business online.



The most ridiculous mistake: the webpage was modified after copying from other websites, but it was changed in four different ways. The most surprising thing was that the website from which the webpage was copied was also clearly written in the source code. It's hard to see the website without any art design.


Link error, unable to open the page pointed to.


The picture cannot be displayed.


Many fonts that are not commonly used in windows are used in making web pages.


No CSS specification page, a website more than one "style.".


If your website has the above problems, please change it immediately. Every day that this website exists, it will damage the corporate image and interests. It is really harmful without any profit. Do not do network marketing and website promotion for this website.



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