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How to choose the right domain name


The importance of having your own domain name need not be emphasized too much. If there is online business, but there is no domain name, then many business opportunities will be lost. Why? The reason is simple. Unless you have your own domain name, customers will not want to buy products from you. In order to be able to establish online sales, need to establish their own credibility. The first step is to have your own domain name.

Now, make sure you want to have your own domain name. What's the name? Here are some precautions. As for the credibility of domain names, it's unrealistic to fully follow all the rules, so it's OK to follow as many as possible.

First, consider naming your company by its name, or choose a name that starts with "first.". Why? When people set up a website catalog, they have to decide how to classify these websites. One way is to classify them according to their "good or bad". Another way is to classify them according to the time sequence of submission.

There is another way, and most commonly used, to arrange them alphabetically. The domain name starts with the letter A, and the number 0 comes first, followed by 1. Generally speaking, 0 will not be used at the beginning of the domain name, because this may bring wrong information to the customer. For example, if the domain name is, then the customer will think that the website does not rank in any search engine. Therefore, unless there is a good reason, do not start using the number 0 in the domain name.

You can use the number 1 at the beginning of the domain name. What's more, it starts with "1st". This will give the site a good ranking in alphabetical directories. In addition, consider the business area of the company, which will also bring correct information to customers, because it shows that you are the best company in this area.

Guess what? Yahoo! Is listed alphabetically by the title of the submitted website. It wants the title to be the official name of the site. This means that the title names that start with the number 1 will come first. If a website is included in Yahoo!, if it is at the top of the list, it is good for improving the prestige of the website.

In addition, there is a small suggestion. If you want to use the name starting with "1st" as the domain name, and register the domain name starting with "ist", then you have a domain name containing the vowel "I". Because people usually write "1st" as "ist" to represent "1st". At the same time, if you want to create some email with "1st" domain name, such as, you should also create an email address with "ist" name, such as

With a new company, it's very useful to register domain names in this way. If you already have a well-known domain name, don't rush to change the company name and domain name, otherwise it will confuse existing customers.

Second, do not use "1st" as the starting point of domain name. Consider using a, B or C. Although these letters are behind the numbers, they can still have a high ranking.

Third, register a domain name with common keywords for the company. This will enable customers to remember it better. In addition, using Yahoo! To search, those websites with keywords in their titles will have good website rankings. According to Yahoo! Rules, the title should be the official name of the website. Therefore, if the domain name contains keywords, it is possible to include keywords in the title, which will improve the ranking in Yahoo! And also in other search engines. So it's best to register a domain name like 1st [keyword]. Com.

Fourth, do not register a domain name with the number 0 unless it is part of the character set. This is because the number 0 is often confused with the vowel o. If you have to register a domain name with the number 0, register a domain name with the vowel o as well.

Fifth, do not register such domain names, '2' for "to '4' for 'for' U 'for' you ', etc., even if it sounds cool. This can be confusing for customers. However, if you have to register such a domain name, you must also register the extension form of the domain name. For example, if you register for, you should also register for

Sixth, can we use hyphens in domain names? Internet marketers will tell you that domains with hyphens are difficult to remember, spell or pronounce. But others think that these things are actually very simple. What about you? In my opinion, whether the hyphen is useful or not depends on the situation. If the registered domain name contains hyphens, you should also use the domain name that does not contain hyphens in this volume. In this way, it will be easy to transfer the domain name that does not contain hyphens to the domain name that contains hyphens.

Seventh, don't make domain names too lengthy. If you think it's good to have a domain name of 67 bytes, who will enter such a domain name?

Eighth, be sure to use ". Com". If the website is a commercial website, do not use "Nu" or "to" at the end. Otherwise, there will be no reliability. You can also register a ". Net" domain name, but since people are familiar with ". Com", it's better to register such a domain name in this volume.

Of course, it is impossible to register a satisfactory domain name strictly according to the above


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