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The smaller the enterprise more needs the network



Small businesses don't need to go online". Small business owners with this concept generally have the following reasons:



1. Their own enterprises are very small, do not have the strength, even the computer has not.

2. The product is single, the market is very vertical, customers have known each other, there is no need to go online.

3. The product has a good market and good relationship with the dealer. The dealer picks up the goods and pays on time. It's useless to surf the Internet.


But the truth is that the smaller the business, the more it needs the Internet. From the perspective of general trend: by 2005, China is expected to become the country with the largest number of Internet users in Asia, with more than 100 million online users; the related e-commerce revenue it brings will exceed 133 billion US dollars, of which B2B based business transactions will account for the majority.


Moreover, after China's accession to the WTO, enterprises will face more fierce competition both at home and abroad. In such an environment, any enterprise that wants to survive can only further reduce the procurement cost, find more high-quality and cheap suppliers, and find suppliers through the Internet for procurement, which will be the only way for enterprises to purchase. Undoubtedly, small enterprises that realize this will get more chances to survive.


As for small enterprises themselves, small enterprises are lack of strength in personnel promotion, and have no economic strength to choose traditional media to do a lot of publicity, to participate in many industry exhibitions, and selling through the network will be a low investment, high-income promotion method.



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