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Google access network is duly authorized agent in China, Google has an official certification of professional training localization services team. 

Kunshan the best room environment, telecommunications in Kunshan for the Trusteeship Council Room
High-quality environment and the equipment room, constant temperature and humidity control system
Two 1000 through 1000 M fiber-optic backbone network direct access to ChinaNet, the domestic export 2 G, G international export 1
DELL \ HP rack-mounted server configuration
Server System software installation, commissioning,
Uninterrupted round 24 * 7 * 365 hours of network systems management maintenance and technical support
Free IP address, traffic monitoring
Deal with emergency situations
Remote management software using standard training
More firewall, data backup, system security, SSL acceleration, seamless transfer machine, the local load balancing (server clusters), cache / mirror, and other value-added services

Advisory services: According to the business enterprise customers, we have professional marketing consultants to provide you with Internet marketing planning, analysis and keyword selection services;
Management services: registration AdWords account for you to write more attractive advertisements title and description of their products and more in line with the words;
Website Optimization: According to the most effective promotion of the need for speed from the site, product content, contact guidance in areas such as optimization;
Evaluation: In accordance with the promotion of enterprise, at any time for the users did not analyse the reasons for the best results;
Optimization of advertising: advertising results under regular assessment report, to improve advertising effectiveness of the programme in detail;
Consultancy services: To provide you with domain name registration, website building, search promotion, such as comprehensive anti-mail network consultancy services;
Support services: The "face to face" the customer relationship Commissioner 7 * 24 hours to provide advisory services for your support.


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